A Sneak Peek at the Book of Rune Secrets Cover!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share the design for the cover of The Book of Rune Secrets, recently completed. This will (99%) probably be the final cover that will show up on Amazon and the actual book! Feedback appreciated, of course. Enjoy!


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24 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek at the Book of Rune Secrets Cover!”

  1. hi dear:i live in iran and in my country thereisnt any way to buy the runesecret book by paying through net im really intersted in this book how can i get this book is there any otherway? thanks a lot

  2. Hi Tyriel,
    I just began to study the runes though I have studied the major religions (East and West) for so many years, and today to my surprise the whole process leads me to the Norse mythology and the runes (and I am so excited by the potential…). Your book cover is fantastic! I’ll definitively will buy a copy as soon as it is available. You also have one of the best sites on runes on the net. Thank you so much to share the knowledge. Francine.

  3. Hey man, great job with the site, I love it and use it (quite often :)

    Anyways, regarding the cover I do have a suggestion on color scheme.
    In my opinion using warm colors might not be the best idea (red, orange…), because Runes are usually associated with north areas, thus the color scheme (again in my opinion) should be cold with some dark contrast. White/Light Blue/Dark Blue.

    Hope this helps,

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