When you understand the core of each rune, interpretations become much easier. 'The Book of Rune Secrets' is specifically written to penetrate to the core of each rune in a contemporary but timeless way. The book explores the deepest concepts in plain and practical language, exposing the mysteries to the light of day... but perhaps more importantly, offers you an inspiring and personal vision of your place in the cosmos. And that is at the heart of what we're attempting to do using divination!

The Book of Rune Secrets is
"a timeless well of wisdom & inspiration."

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A lot of trouble is generated when authors are either too vague about the runes, or use complicated and unnecessary terminology. Too many lack a unified vision of the runes that applies to the real world of today. We need something that illustrates the big picture.

'The Book of Rune Secrets' tells the story of the runes. It brings the runes into today's world and the world of tomorrow. The exploration of the runes in this book, however, is not just a collection of unassociated and contradictory keywords that may or may not be useful in divination. Instead, these pages offer exactly what the 21st century spiritual seeker needs: clarity, depth, power and wisdom.

  • "In a masterful stroke of insight, Tyriel steps out of the past where most rune books spin their lore and launches the reader into a future that carries the runes into the 21st century... a must have book for anyone in the craft." -- Darren L.

In an age of highly advanced science and technology, we can all too easily lose touch with our roots. We strain to remember the values and the wisdom of our ancestors. But this rift does not need to hinder your understanding of the runes.

Why Study Rune Meanings?

Using the runes can guide you through troubling times and lead you step by step toward living a beautiful and fulfilling life, full of fortune, freedom and friendships. But first, as with anything, you must grow familiar with the meaning of each rune.

The runes are an early form of Western psychology concerned with introspection, contemplation and meditation. They are popularly used for divination or prophecy, like the Tarot or I-Ching, but can be further developed into systems of magick, alchemy and psychoanalysis.

The Elder Futhark rune meanings are the fundamental aspect of any study runes. Not only is the Elder Futhark the oldest futhark, its 24 runes are the most commonly used today for divination and rune magick. Each rune is a finger, pointing to a principle, a law, a force or an energy in the universe. So it is essential to explore the meaning of each rune thoroughly, because it will allow you to bring their power and wisdom into your daily life.

  • "Rather than simply clone your understanding into another version of his own, Tyriel gives you what you need to understand runes on your own and in your own way... If you want to be someone who makes the runes a part of your life and want to expand your understanding, to truly THINK about what the runes are telling you, rather than demanding simple answers, then the book is well worth the price." -- Jason L. M.

Through studying the rune meanings you study yourself. You will explore new ways of seeing and break through self-imposed boundaries. You grow in the ability to think outside of your current situation. Runic systems allow you to organize your innermost thoughts.

Using the runes allows you to know and shape your destiny, become a more powerful individual and connect with ancient and timeless mysteries. Begin a fresh journey into the runes, and into yourself, with 'The Book of Rune Secrets' by Tyriel.

Now available from international bookstores everywhere:

How The Book of Rune Secrets Started

My name is Tyriel.

I have used the runes for over a decade and their wisdom was first passed onto me by my mother. These ancient symbols have literally saved my life and led me to better health, fortune, love and freedom. They have guided me out of very hard times and continue to act as a mirror into the deepest parts of my spirit. They can do the same for you.

Knowing absolutely that I must help others who might need it, I started a small website to spread what I had learned of the runes and develop a set of wisdom teachings based on them.

For five years since, over a hundred thousand people have trusted the freely shared notes on the Rune Secrets website. But it became clear to me that I could help much more. Now, you can journey deeper into the mysteries with 'The Book of Rune Secrets'!

While you may be very familiar with my writing on RuneSecrets.com, 100% of the material in the book is completely new. I poured my heart and soul into this book in order to create a unique and inspiring vision of contemporary rune use. It is an absolute must-read!

With much love and respect,


Here's what people like you are saying about
'The Book of Rune Secrets':

  • "I am hooked and quite taken in by Tyriel's unique way of writing for this generation! ... This book is so much more then the usual information found on a Runes phonetic value, its symbolic image, and the esoteric meaning used in divination... This book is a must have for anyone seeking to enrich their personal understanding of the Runes! It is an essential piece of work that helps you become your own guide and shows you that you can gain much knowledge from your Inner Self" -- Jesse P.

  • "The Book of Rune Secrets is the most refreshing look at the runes of the Elder Furthark in 20 years of studying Northern mythologies. Tyriel's perspective eloquently captures ideas I have struggled to express about how the runes relate to our 21st century lives. There are many good books available that look at mundane and esoteric concepts associated with each rune stave and their use in divination. Tyriel is concerned with the energies and principles at the core of each symbol and how these can be understood in the context of scientific knowledge and personal growth. The book is thought provoking for the experienced runester and at the same time an accessible starting place for a newcomer to gain a sound foundational knowledge - and that is a true magical achievement! I am now reading this book for the second time and cannot say enough good things about it." -- Mary S.

  • "The Book of Rune Secrets is different than all the other rune-books. It takes a very necessary and daring step towards a contemporary usage of the system, which is an absolute must if we want to apply the old knowledge and wisdom that is contained in it to our nowadays' lives and society." -- Isabel T.

Now available from international bookstores everywhere:

Still not sure?
Some more 'skeptical' readers were pleasantly surprised:

  • "This book is characterized by a not so common attribute. It can speak to runic thinkers, but simultaneously it can explain to skeptics. It can explain what the runes are, how they interact with each other, how they are associated to human micropsychology and universal macrosociology and clarify how what is called "Runic Magic" by some people (but could also be treated as a sort of "Runic Philosophy" by others) could have real results." -- Manos Z.

  • "Tyriel provides just what I was looking for in a concise, clear and very straight-forward book. I am not being told in this book WHAT the runes are but WHO we are and how those symbols represent that which is US. So it is both a personal guide as well as a description of why the runes are an important part of the universe. Through this book my scientific and questioning self was able to connect with my spiritual and magical self and through THAT I gained a greater understanding of what the runes could tell me about my world and all that had come before me, and all that will remain when I'm gone. Tyriel writes with a truly fresh perspective, read this book!!!" -- Caitlin M.

Now available from international bookstores everywhere:

Or support your local bookstore
ISBN 978-0-0877566-1-9

P.S. I have expanded the original Rune Secrets website, RuneSecrets.com, into a new rune-focused social network, called the Rune Secrets Study Community, at RuneSecrets.net, where people can come together as individuals and study the runes. This community is free to join, there are no required purchases -- it is my gift to you, (although I cannot recommend 'The Book of Rune Secrets' highly enough!)

The Rune Secrets Community is meant to be a safe haven to those who have been wandering alone with the runes but would like to meet and speak with others in a sanctuary of rune knowledge. You will not be pressured to join any organization or adopt a belief system. Join up today at RuneSecrets.net and participate in the discussion and free rune teachings. Learn from the experiences of people just like you, share your thoughts and tell of your own discoveries!