Dagaz – Rune Meaning

“Time is an illusion that once realized, is lovingly embraced, none the less.”

– “Day-gahz” – Literally: “Day” or Dawn – Esoteric: Awakening

Rune of the hyper-consciousness. The process of concept becoming realized.

Psi: paradoxical truth, incommunicable experience, conceptual realization, Enlightenment, satori

Energy: twilight/dawn polarity, non-dual reality, unity, synthesis, transmutation

Mundane: another day, daylight, the inevitability of dawn

Divinations: Awakening, awareness, hope-happiness, the ideal, paradigm shift; or lack of vision, sleep, blindness, hopelessness, cataclysmic change.


Attaining the mystical moment through penetration of the secret of paradox or non-duality
Reception of mystical inspiration – the gift of Odin.
Disappearance and the act of becoming the invisible
Invisibility as an organizing principle of Higher Consciousness
Synthesis of right-left brain dynamics.
Transformation of one thing into its opposite
Integration of female and male into complete being

    My Notes:

    Dagaz is the counterpart to the rune Jera. Both refer to time, Jera on an annual cycle and Dagaz on a daily cycle. Both are runes of change – Jera is a rune of gentle change, Dagaz is a rune of bold change, for example, the burst of light at the moment of illumination. It contains within its energies the experience called ‘satori’, a spiritual awakening experience common in all cultures.

    Archaeological evidence proves that Dagaz has been used as a symbol of Light for more than four thousand years. It is the rune of hyper-consciousness. Achievement of this state of mind SEEMS to be a relatively rare occurrence in human life at this stage of evolution. When chronicled, it marks the beginnings of the mission of a World Savior on Earth.

    Much has been written on the psychology and metaphysics of uniting left and right brain functions. Dagaz holds dominion over this union and is a tool that gives you great potency for present awareness and future growth. It is reminiscent of the lemniscate, the symbol of infinity, and the moebius strip, timelessness and illimitable potential, as well as an overturned hourglass.

    The ‘point of poise’ entails balancing polarities so that all mystery is revealed to consciousness. The transformation of paradox into non-dual awareness occurs with Dagaz energies. It is to find the center between two extremes and maintaining a state of mind undisturbed by any mental or emotional storm. At the center, all power is to be found and equilibrium is a desirable attainment. This practice eventually leads to the practitioner no longer requiring a single right or wrong answer to the mysteries and many truths can exist complimentary to one another. No one single belief or viewpoint is sufficient and so all beliefs and viewpoints can be progressively abandoned. In the stillness and silent questioning of the mind that is left behind, all truth resounds.

    Dagaz can be used to gain absolute stillness. It is invisible transforming power. The vibrational patterns of the self, or an object can be dampened so that the perception of material things to the human eye grow faint. Finding this point of poise takes great skill and practice with Dagaz but mastery of this rune of enlightenment leads down the path of disappearance. Mastery of invisibility leads to the understanding of existence through its opposite: non-existence.

    An interesting thing to keep in mind is that the futhark has no rune for the night or for the moon. These are absences, not things. Darkness is not darkness, it is a quality of the light. The sun is always ‘there’, it is our world that spins around and causes the illusion that it is not. As well, the light of the moon is a reflection of the sun’s light. There is little reason to think that the ancients were not aware of this, even mathematically. “Darkness is not darkness” is a wonderful saying to meditate upon, and will reveal to the seeker that there is no true opposites as we are often convinced of, but only polarities within the supreme mystery of existence.

    32 thoughts on “Dagaz – Rune Meaning”

    1. Oh! I am gratelfull indeed and in no way going to let go of this. It is just at times one needs to be assertive. at times.I chose Wunjo for this.I believe this rune of Joy has a thurisaz in it too.. :

    2. This forum had been excellent has been great in bringing out the” hidden aspects” -not only in dagaaz but also in all other discussed.Daagazz is listed as one of the most positive runes otherwise.Daggaz is attributed with stagnation in Iching andDeath card in Tarot. Now I get the answer as to why these attributes are given to daggaz.I still have one more question- is the invisibility attribute,that of daggaz merkstave?-it is also said that dagaz has no inverse or merkstave.I have had my share of invisibility .Could anybody suggest a rune which has the property to make one get noticed?:)

      1. The question is who do you want to be noticed by and for what purpose? What do you want to achieve as a result? In fact the runesecrets.net can give you a far better insight into the subject if you choose to visit it.

        1. @mifein- Hi, I am quoting1 0f my own 2previous posts below.I read your quote (dec 2011) on dagaaz.So true – had a cutting edge……just read my quote below

          “Even before getting to know about runes I used to wish for invisibility though i was a normally sociable person.I used to hate facing people of authority and when come face to face with them I used to always wish I go unnoticed and would do anything to keep out of their way.I have to shamelessly admit that I get intimidated with authority for no particular reason.So Finally I got a nice white opal stone[an opal has such a property]-which would render the wearer invisible( do not take this literally but as in the case of Dagaaz I used to go unnoticed whenever I needed to and was comfortable with it)But slowly I began to realize that I always used to go unnoticed.When in a 3 or 4 some even if I say something It would go unnoticed.If I call for my kids they just wouldnt come.Eventhough I used to get put of with this at times I used to take pride in it..too so strange of me.When I started to learn about runes I even wondered if there would be one which makes you invisible.
          Now coming to the Dagaz part of it I choose to read on Dagaz because it was my rune of the day.In the beginning I was pleasantly surprised to have seen invisibility as an attribute of dagaaz but only after reading viv’s article I realized what was happening to me- Just think of it I had not even realized it.And today the day of daggaz I had posted somebeautiful snaps of my owncrochet work on FB and was so dissappointed no one really noticed it.And it so much hurt to see a lot of others posting just meaningless 1 lines to get dozens of replies.Even I couldnt find those 13 snaps and had to fish for it on FB.Maybe it sounds silly and meaningless but it was a real eye opener for me…..
          Maybe the consequence of the above invisibility wish .. I ‘ve gone to the other extreme and I have noticed that when I speak I go unnoticed.I dont get much replies .People normally contact me only to get things done.Though I ‘d love to help others- Always being the listener or supporter is’nt that gr8.When I need someone I never get anyone…Meditating on Ansuz has helped at times- But I am not in a position to always to give a full ” ‘paying Attention” as you said -amongst the chaotic huzzzzle and buzzle atmosphere where I work.

          1. Now look at it this way: invisibility is a great gift many people are struggling to get with serious practice. You have asked for it and it has been granted you. Why not give sincere thanks for the gift and ask to teach you how to use it properly and at will so that it would be you possessing the gift not the gift controlling your life? Why do you have to mind, let alone fear people in authority? Is it because dealing with them has great subjective importance for you and thus every contact with them consumes a lot of your energy?

    3. Tyriel, May the Gods and Goddesses bestow many blessings upon you, this website is so amazing! It is a a rune of higher consciousness for sure! The governing ideal of “…reception of mystical inspiration-the gift of Odin”, for me threw me into a higher state of consciousness like,BAM! I knew dagaz was a rune of the seeker-but after reading your interpretation and notes,I was blown away,thanks Tyriel, this site is a dream come true…Wassail!

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