Free Rune Course Beginning March 1st 2012

Welcome to Rune Secrets! Many of you know me as Tyriel, the admin of Rune Secrets and the author of The Book of Rune Secrets.

The Rune Secrets Study Community at started Beta in March of last year, and has since grown a vibrant and active membership base.

Now, I am going to conduct a massive 48-week online rune course. For free! To sign up, just create an account at and you’ll always be notified when course material is posted.

Every two weeks, we will focus on one rune. The site is very active, and there’s bound to be a lot of material outside of this rune, but the idea is to thoroughly explore one rune at a time for the rest of 2012.

During this time, you are free to participate in a number of ways. Of course, if you prefer just to be a silent reader, that is your choice and you’re still welcome to do so, even though I’d love to hear from you.

Members often chose their level of involvement from a variety of features on the Community site.

You can:

  • Leave comments about the post or in response to other comments.
  • Ask or answer questions on the forum.
  • Write your own blog on a rune-related topic.
  • Contribute videos.
  • Form or join focus groups on topics like rune-linguistics, creating a beginner’s guide, Poetic Eddas study.

When you create your account, I’d love to see you upload a picture of yourself. The default picture is a grey outline of a person, which will hardly do you justice. Uploading a photo just as so many benefits, and makes everyone realize that you are a real human being, not just some text on a screen.

There’s a vibe of mutual respect and harmony on the site that I’m positive you’ll all enjoy, and those participating in discussions will tell you that they are learning a lot and having a great time. Come join us, and participate in the largest ever online rune course… all for free!

Wishing you the warmest of welcomes,


6 thoughts on “Free Rune Course Beginning March 1st 2012”

  1. I’ve read “Ansuz” and “Rhaido” and enjoyed them as well as they opened my mind
    to a new world unknown for me until now.
    Thanks very much! for the enjoyment I have had.

  2. I really don’t have a website so I entered my e-mail address. I love this website! I’ve used EdredThorsson and Diana Paxson and some others,but I am impressed about this website,with insight and inspiration. There is a nice mystical vibe and good energy around it.I’ve been using the runes for about six years which is nothing. I feel like i need another six at least. Rune Secrets will be a great asset in studying the runes and developing higher states of consciousness and connection with our Gods and Ancestors. Blessings!

  3. I thought for months if I should join or not, but this’ve finally made me make up my mind. It’s a great idea. Thank you very much for all the energy you invest in this project!

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