Do You Have Any Deep, Unanswered Questions?

Greetings, O Seeker of Rune Wisdom!

I am in the final stages of completing The Book of Rune Secrets, and I would like to ask you: “Do you have any deep, unanswered questions about the runes?”

So this is a kind of “Ask Me Anything” discussion.

Are there things you haven’t found answers to anywhere, in all the literature you’ve read on rune meanings? Things that are missing?

I’d like you to please think deeply and summon up these questions, and send them to me at, or through my contact form, or even the comments of this post! If you can fire a great question at me, I’ll do my best to think it over as I add to and edit my final draft and make this book even more connected to the real needs of the vast community that uses Rune Secrets.

About the Book:

This new work of mine is the culmination of over a decade of intense spiritual introspection and learning for me, and the opportunity at long last to share with you something powerful and complete. My plans are to release it as a self-published hard cover book, have it listed on Amazon and available to libraries and brick and mortar stores if they desire to order it. It should be available in some form from this website though by the end of April, at the latest.

It represents a total, coherent system of new rune knowledge. I have taken my understanding of the symbols and combined it with an understanding of contemporary science and cosmology to create a fresh and powerful work that should profoundly move readers. I’ve taken risks with it, not to cause deliberate controversy or because I think I know better than anyone else, but to show that the runes are extremely relevant to the 21st century.

I also include details not on making your own rune set, but on making your own rune system — of how to take their power into your own hands. My system seeks to turn you into your own best teacher. No esoteric, secretive gurus required. ;)

In many ways, the book departs from this blog and transcends it. It is my best work yet, I’m sure of it, and I am excited to see in what ways it empowers and illuminates the many members of this community, old and new, known and yet unknown to me, who I’ve grown to love. I can admit to you that it has already affected me greatly… I don’t know what provoked this transcendent clarity within me, but I thank the forces at work.

So, that’s the big news, and I am eager to share the fruits of my labor. I humbly request your questions so that I can edit with a vigor that incorporates your questions and curiosity into the fabric of this new narrative about the elder futhark runes.

Get in touch. Seriously!

Yours truly,


44 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Deep, Unanswered Questions?”

  1. I have known about the runes going on two 1/2 years now and I am eager to learn about them as much as I can. There are times when I feel like they are part of me which makes me want to learn more about them. So the question is what is the complete meaning of the rune rit I am eager to learn about its meaning.

  2. I am fascinated to read about various views of the resonance between the Runes and Tao. Quite recently, I came to a conclusion (independently) that the Futhark might be a representation of the Tao, the “Way”. There is much to recommend this view, especially when we consider the Nordic idea of Orlog. In this, and in Rune readings, we seek the solution to a kind of equation in which A leads to B, and that can lead to C , and so on. When we consult the Runes for divination, perhaps what we’re really asking is “regarding the matter of ‘X’ what is the “Way” like from where/when we are now to where we will be in the future if nothing changes?” In a sense are we asking to see a specific piece of the Way (Tao), in order to know if we are on course, or if we need to change what we’re doing to reach a more favorable outcome?

    I don’t assert the accuracy of this interpretation, and I would be very surprised if the early Norse had knowledge of the Tao as expressed in Asia. And yes, I AM influenced by other things I have studied: that’s the idea, isn’t it? To do otherwise I think is to fall into the trap that plagues so many organized religions, and even schools of Pagan magic, that is, to assert (arrogantly) that one single school of thought has the whole revealed truth and (implicitly) that all other schools of thought are misguided at best, or liars at worst. I believe that our study of the Runes is enhanced by cross-fertilization from many cultures. I feel we will be better at our Rune-craft if we enlarge our definition of the Futhark and it’s significance through the inclusion of ideas from diverse sources in our thoughts and meditations about the Runes.

  3. i am new in runes honestly its my first day and i donot know where should i start u seem to know so much so please guide me

  4. Uber-novice here… My husband brought home the video game “Alice: Madness Returns”. There are runes everywhere (u can see them on the cover as well). None of these runes seem to fit anywhere I try to look them up (fancy looking four, omega-type symbol, male/female symbols w/ odd add-ons, etc.). My question is does anyone know where to find their meanings? Please respond to annek4nra at aol dot com. Thank you.

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