The Book of Rune Secrets & Study Community: Major Announcement!

I have two exciting announcements for you this weekend, both of which I have been working to perfect all year.

The Book of Rune Secrets is now available on and Barnes & Noble!* 

Rune Secrets has become a favourite resource, and now all new, completely fresh insights on each rune are available for your contemplation and inspiration, each page written with clarity and power. It is undoubtably a book you’ll love going back to again and again, and a prize on any bookshelf.

Also included for you in this book is a 24-rune alchemy technique designed to push the limits of self-discovery with the Elder Futhark.

My second major announcement has to do with a new resource I created just for study of the runes: a social network called “The Rune Secrets Study Community”. It has been in beta for a few months to get the kinks out, and now it is ready for you!

You can find The Rune Secrets Study Community at HTTP://RUNESECRETS.NET

Come meet others like yourself and connect to an international community composed of lovers of wisdom and the mysteries of the runes. It’s free, and much more than an average forum. Sign up now! I can’t wait to see you there.

Many thanks for all your support,


Rune Secrets

“The symbols of the ancients, in the language of today, for the people of tomorrow.”


*Shipping from the US. It will be available from UK, Europe and Australian distributors in 4-8 weeks.

10 thoughts on “The Book of Rune Secrets & Study Community: Major Announcement!”

  1. Hello Tyriel ^-^
    I just finished to read your book and I really like the way you put things ! Your alchemy seems very interesting to me. I think it will help me to pass from the “mental learning” to practice and feeling the runes directly ! :) I’m looking forward the next one !

  2. I am reading the Rune Secrets book for the second time. This is a brilliant book with an approach to studying the runes that I have not found anywhere else. I think it is a very valuable resource for everyone interested in increasing their understanding of the Elder Furthark, regardless of whether they are just beginning to explore the runes or have studied them for years. I cannot recommend it enough!
    I understand the desire to have it as an e-book – I would love to have one myself – but people should consider that authors get little income from this medium. the more people who initially buy the print version, the more viable it becomes to release an e-version.

  3. I’ve been browsing the Rune Secrets study community website for some time now and I’ve also linked it to my blog. It’s great to see so many people studying the ancient mysteries from a new angle and making them available for modern people in the language they can understand.

    I just placed an order for the Rune Secrets book on Amazon to encourage and support your endeavours. Keep up the good work, Thyriel & co.!

    1. A ‘kindle’ version may be delayed, Juliano. Their business model from the author side isn’t in total alignment with my goals as an author, (yet) and the process to format the entire volume to kindle specific standards seems a bit arduous. Can kindles read PDF or only the Amazon kindle format?

      A PDF may be released along with an audiobook version of the book, as a bundle. Again, this requires recording and production time, but I think I’d rather have a digital version aimed at ipods (which are far more ubiquitous) than the kindle. That doesn’t mean I won’t invest the time into kindle eventually though.

      I encourage you to get a copy of the book itself. There is something magical about any good book, and doubly so for The Book of Rune Secrets. :)

      1. Hi Tyriel,

        Yes, Kindles (atleast the one that I am using now, the Kindle 4) can read pdfs. Unfortunately I have not physical space in my apartment to store more books, so I am just buying ebooks at this moment.

        I suggest that you provide the pdf only (without audio book) version of it, since I think a lot of people like the digital format. I am eagerly waiting to buy it, since I really like the content of your website.

        Thanks for the answer!

        1. I’d like to second this. I’m in a similar position yo the poster above. My Kindle 3 Keyboard can read PDFs.

          Really would appreciate this in kindle format so that I may bookmark stuff! I really enjoy the content on your website. I wish it was available in more portable formats other than physical books.

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