Sowilo – Rune Meaning

“The guide leads you to the doorway, then waits for your return.”

Sowilo – “So-iölo” – Literally: “Sun” (Sol) – Esoteric: wholeness, success

Rune of guidance, goal setting and success.

Psi: central nervous system, seat of the soul, revelation, wholeness

Energy: sun-wheel, strengthening the hvel/charka, cosmic energies, motivation, life-giving force, action

Mundane: sunlight, fire, meeting of goals, confidence, taking action

Divinations: Guidance, hope, success, goals, honor, life purpose, faith in outcomes; or false goals, bad advice, false success, gullibility, loss of goals.


Transmutation of thought into energy for action
Activating highest values
Strengthening of psychic centers (hvel aka Chakras)
Increase in spiritual will and optimal health
Guidance through the pathways, “enlightenment”
Victory and success through individual will

My Notes:

It is the rune of the sun. It is the counter-force to cosmic ice in the rune Isa. Sowilo represents the force of fire in the physical and mental world. It promotes invigoration, dedication, optimism and persistence in any endeavor. It will ward against the harmful opinions of others to keep the heart focused on its purpose.

The hvel (Old Norse term equivalent to the Sanskrit word chakra) are the spinning energy wheels in your body. They look like miniature suns to the psychic eye. By increasing the capacity of the hvel to handle greater flow of megin energy leads to optimum health levels and advanced psychic capabilities.

The ancient mystics were intuitively aware that the sun provides this planetary system and its life forms with many diverse cosmic energies necessary for the evolution of the life force, and indeed, it is the power of the sun (and stars) that encompasses the dynamic energies inherent in all things within its system, as once it was all being forced within its unfathomably hot furnace. Sowilo exposes matters to the clear light of day and strikes suddenly like lightning in a controlled and centered burst of overwhelming, massive action.

Sowilo contains the ancient code of honour. These are the common sense guidelines and morality that hold a society together beyond the letter of the law and holds the individual to ‘do the right thing’. Sowilo is also the rune of success and victory, and is therefor associated with the next rune in the order, Tiwaz. It gives us the power to win and connects us with revelations concerning our life’s purpose, and insight into actions that will guide us in our endeavors. The science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming has a lot to offer in terms of insight and mastery of this rune, as does the psychological study of success.

12 thoughts on “Sowilo – Rune Meaning”

  1. Greetings, i love this site. I am pretty new to using the runes, yet i feel them in my bones. I just wondered if anyone can enlighten me on the significance of casting a rune which is converse, naturally, as i lay the rune as it falls in my hand, often the side which is blank (the back of the rune) is the side facing up and i need to turn it over to reveal the character. I just had a very positive cast around a particular issue, that is, if it stands the same as the runes appear now that i have turned the converse ones over ( without affecting the direction ie reverse or upright). Sowilo was one of them. Does this question make sense? A
    Any experience or general understanding around this would be gratefully recieved. Much gratitude for this site xxx xxx

    1. There are three approaches. Some think that only a rune that is up-side down counts as a ‘reversed’ interpretation. Others that one face down is the murk stave. Still others, and I am more of this camp, believe you should always consider the negative and positive — that the runes transcend that kind of dualism and are whole — both positive and negative.

      For my own personal use, I will always treat a face down rune as a murk-stave or shadow aspect. Moreover, I always contemplate both sides, because for every blessing there’s a curse, and some things must be sacrificed for new things to arise. Hope this helps. For more help with the runes, visit … hope to see you around.

      1. Thanks for that, using the runes for divination is sure not clear cut is it?! Guese its the way they all seem to connect to each other in the cast that i want to feel into. Even when a rune is at a slight angle to another seems significant to me. And at the same time i could drive myself mad seeking guidance this way! I feel like the honorable thing for me to do right now, is to get to know the runes, without asking any more of them, for the time being. I asked around the issue of whether to speak up about my feelings for someone last night and today, the third time i asked i got perthro and really felt like the runes were saying ‘look we have shown you what we can, we dont know everything!’ I have been taking dream journeys with the drum, and working with a few different spirit guides for a couple of years now. So now I am feeling to take a journey with each rune, over time, just to ask if there is anything the associated energies would like to share with me. I have almost started to feel a bit rude asking the runes for help before i have even really met them properly. These are my thoughts, any reflections or guidance gratefully received. These are powerful energies and i wouldn’t want to play around inappropriately, i strive for good conduct in the things i do. Thanks for being here at the start of my rune journey, love and good things Amie

  2. SOWELU (as I’m used to invoke it) has brought me such strengh and guidance that’s beyond belief! Besides recovering my self confidence in 2007, SOWELU has ever since gathered the right people/masters into my life. Alongside ALGIZ, it also shielded my sanity and bones from several threats.

    Tyriel, congratulations for this awesome site!

  3. Vanr, you made me think of the Sowilo symbol as Kenaz, top to bottom:

    (can’t get them any closer with the keyboard and spacing, but you get my meaning? when joined, top to bottom, they form the Sowilo symbol.)

  4. When man chose the Sun as a frame of reference, he realized the fact that earth goes around it. This was the reality and waited to be discovered.
    That could mean that Sowilo gives us the opportunity to find the truth if we slightly change-shift-rotate our frame of reference. It is enlightening just like Kenaz but it seems to me that Sowilo provides us a more logical (through Formal sciences) way. Sowilo could be seen as an watchful Kenaz observing right and left all the time (> <).

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